Cycles of nature


We have entered time of transitions between old and new. We cannot in fact ever step out of this cycle. Turning the calendar page over once again, I was thinking about the older names for our moon cycles and how a culture reflects itsself in such things.

That got me to wondering about permaculture's vision and intention to create sustainable communities of life connected with each other in the earth's ecological systesm. I wonder how we migh relfect that in our month's names.  So as my own aid to reflection and to help maintain my connection to nature’s cycles. I am going to make up some new ones starting with this last moon of the year. I played with some and they began to sound like a poem of the year, like something from native people's traditions, who were ever more connected to natures cycles than we!

Cold comes now
Leaf dry time
Colours flash and fade
Fur grows thick

My favourite so far is Decadence Moon because it sums up autumn’s flash of power, brightness, abundance, and the beginning of decay all in one moment. Like my  Quinoa plants fading and dying as they dry out, but still full of seed heads for the winter stores. Or the sauces and soups needed now as the days get colder.

I've been told I've moved into the autumn of my own years.  I think I could be happy to be moving into my  Decadence Moon Phase

So under the decadent moon I get ready to bid the old year goodbye- as I rush to complete the work, I begin let go that which I cannot get done before it is too late. Soon I 've finished with the  divination games at the cross over time guessing what next year will bring.  Dreaming, I've been talking to my ancestors, perhaps gaining old wisdom from the passing season for the coming one.

What would you call the moon months this season?

moon image credits to my friend Chad Finer Vermont