PDC Previous Participants

Aoife Reilly (Primary School Teacher)

2016 PDC graduate

I found the permaculture training really hands on and I got to use the fantastic skills I learned to help me chose the right land to live on and it also helped me feel more confident in my education work. It was fun and experiential , I would definitely recommend this course!

Caroline D'Arcy, Wicklow

2016 PDC Graduate

The best thing I did last summer was sign up for the PDC at Carraig Dulra! I've always had an interest in doing things naturally & organically but this took things to the next, more rounded, level. The invaluable Grow Your Own information was great, but what I didn't expect was the variety of different subjects & interesting tutors every day. So much to absorb! And what really made a big difference was being immersed in it. Living there, sharing wonderful food & experiences with all the other lovely like-minded people, of all ages & nationalities, was truly amazing. By the end we all felt like one big family! I also felt so healthy, being outside a lot in beautiful surroundings without the usual distractions of modern life, & I slept so well! And the food... So delicious & colourful! I came away with not only a huge amount of knowledge, but also a deep sense of community.

I've since moved into a cottage with a decent garden so have slowly started on that. I'm much more conscious of living more harmoniously with nature. I don't frequent Facebook too much, but when I do, it's great to see how everyone's doing. We have this connection. We'll help each other out on various projects when we can.

Brendan Little, Donegal

2014 PDC Graduate

Coming from an amenity horticulture background I found it a career and life changing experience. The balance between the practical and theoretical was perfect, the venue ideal and the people, both tutors and students were great.
Meeting creative and like minded people gave me the confidence to introduce permaculture principles to my design and teaching work. I would recommend the PDC course to everybody who cares in any way about the future of this planet"

Rebecca Fahy

PDC Graduate

The PDC at Carraig Dulra was a wonderful experience. it is a magic, inspiring place and to be there surrounded by beautiful, like minded people made it an unforgettable experience. It was a great chance to try out new skills and learn new things about myself and the people around me. Since the PDC life has been busy! every year I grow more food and meet more people doing the same, I hope people will continue to be inspired from carraig dulra and do the PDC

Deidre Doyle, Dublin

2016 PDC Graduate

I always promised myself the treat of living for 12 whole days at Carraig Dulra in the Yurt and last year I did! I took the Permaculture course and although the weather hadn't warmed up to summer it was so cosy. This was due to the extraordinarily active and attentive tutors, frequent laughter, hot stoves and as many cups of tea/coffee/herbal as you could manage. Most of all it was the way in which everyone on the course, regardless of our diverse backrounds, was made to feel comfortable, enabled and heard. We bonded so well and that is the magic of Carraig Dulra with Suzie and Mike Cahn and all the amazing people they have gathered around them to facilitate this course. Do it! It will change you and inspire you.

I now am looking to buy land and put this into practice on a larger scale than in my garden and my friend's garden as I do now. I have the confidence to do it now.

Sarah Kernan, Donegal

2016 PDC Graduate

Almost as soon as I arrived at Carraig Dúlra I knew I had made the right choice in terms of where to do my PDC. Perhaps it is because it was Suzie and Mike's family, extended family and many circles of friends who initially began shaping and creating Carraig Dúlra, followed of course by the amazingly positive, enriching and empowering experiences of the subsequent students, WWOOFERs and volunteers adding to it's legacy that Carraig Dúlra now exudes a sense of home, of belonging and that you are in the care of family when you arrive and embark on your learning journey.

The immersion experience; the "living-what-you're-learning" technique is what lends a PDC at Carraig Dúlra it's most authentic edge. The expertly cohesive, non-hierarchical and inclusive team of tutors, helpers and assistants all made for a balanced and accessible learning experience for me.

Each of the tutors brought their own knowledge, understanding and interpretation; and indeed each their own distinct and authentic teaching approaches and styles which in turn gilded and equipped each student with the tools to apply to their own learning experiences each day, and indeed to take away and use further. I do not exaggerate or over-enthuse when I say the 30+ people I shared my PDC with, that wonderful Summer in 2016 has genuinely and literally changed my life.

I have made lifelong friends, gained most vital experience and knowledge, and very crucially been empowered to confirm and cement things I already knew. If a main goal of a grower is to create and build the most enriched, fertile and abundant soil - the students of Carraig Dúlra PDCs are surely examples of that human "soil" ...leaving with ideas, inspiration, connections with each other, with networks and with the wider Permaculture community and in turn feeding this back into the world around us.

I am now at the beginning stages of my own permaculture project on a site a little over 1 acre in my home county of Donegal with my future husband. We are building a sustainable home, creating a food forest, installing water harvesting and grey water purification systems, growing biomass, will be raising chickens and preserving and living off our little patch of earth. Had I not taken my PDC, and especially had I not done so at Carraig Dúlra I would still be only dreaming of taking the leap and finally doing it for myself and my family. My sincere gratitude goes to Suzie, Mike, Hannah and Barry et al for helping me realise my dreams.

Sarah Ryan

2014 PDC Graduate

I had the pleasure of doing the PDC in Carrig Dulra back in 2014.. Wow!! What a great time! So much laughter, sunshine, learning and creativity.I met so many good people. It gave me the framework to design not only my garden but my life as well. Three years on, I feel the direct impact all that learning has had on my life in such a positive way!! Thank you Carrig Dulra and all the lovely people involved!!!

Aideen Klauer

PDC Graduate

I would say a very informative course delivered in a beautiful setting. Very good food, I wasn't a resident as I had family commitments. Participants themselves were very interesting and inspiring people. Great to meet like minded people that gave me hope that the world has environment caring people in it. I am still working as an engineer as I was before the PCD but have helped start a Grow It Yourself group now in existence for a year. I also have become more active in participating in community groups in my area which I feel could be partly due to doing the PCD. I feel I now have a good background into what permaculture is about and hope I am applying it in my own way to my smallholding and life in general.