Adopt a Tree

We are strongly committed to reestablishing native trees and creating a small native woodland on the land that is in our care. We also have established and continue to add to our two apple orchards, using Irish heritage apple varieties.

In 2014, we planted a native woodland including varieties such as Birch, Oak, Rowan, Scots Pine and Hazel.

Please consider adopting a tree in an organic setting as a birthday or holiday gift. An adopted tree is a very positive alternative non-consumer gift and supports the work we do at Carraig Dulra. We will send you an artistic card/certificate on recycled paper suitable as to give as a gift.

The cost is €35.  You and your gift recipient can visit the trees on Open Days and any Tree events we have during the year. All events will be posted on the website and sent out to newsletter subscribers. Please note that trees aren't individually labelled with names of their adopted "parents", so you can decide which to consider "yours" when you visit, or just enjoy them all!

How you can adopt a tree

Please contact us. You can write a cheque, pay cash or pay online with Credit Card or Paypal through our Paypal page.