Local Volunteers

volunteer helping at Carraig Dúlra

*** Due to Covid-19 we have suspended our day volunteer programme for the moment. ***

We welcome contact from people interested in contributing to the development of the farm and Carraig Dúlra's community activities. Past volunteers have helped in many areas, planting our heritage apple orchards, fencing, mulching, working on the OOOOBY garden, helping with the newly planted native woodland. People have also volunteered in our adminstration work with book-keeping, setting up files and supporting our social media, and our student library resource. 

We offer volunteers a chance to learn about permaculture in practice, sustainable food production, natural building have time in nature in a lovely setting and meet others interested in these things.

Carraig Dúlra full of bio-diversity. It is home to many birds such as stone chat and willow warbler, frequent sitings of hawks and falcons including the reintroduced red kite, butterflies and other interesting insects, solitary bees our own honey bees, wood wasps, moths, grasshoppers and beetles. We sometimes see foxes, deer, and other small mammals such as stoats and shrews, also frogs and lizards and more on or near the holding.

Then of course there are our own farm animals, dogs, cats and poultry. We have a new native woodland, orchards,  gardens and great views! 

Please write to work@dulra.org to arrange to meet up and discuss possiblities.