May Song

How sweetly Nature
Brightens round me!
How the sun’s shining!
How the fields gleam!
Blossoms are bursting
From every leaf,
Thousands of voices
From bushes beneath,
-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Dúlra Update

 The word "consolidation" keeps coming up for us after the long winter, the year took so long to begin but now it feels like we are cramming all the spring and early summer work into a few short weeks. Finally planting in the garden is well underway and the greenhouse is full of seed trays and some lovely salads. The indoor peas are also flying up daily now and we are eating purple sprouting brocolli and kale before and after it flowers.

We are holding very few courses at the farm this season (although several in Wicklow Community Gardens, see list and contacts below), but we are busy finishing some of the ideas, projects and plans we began when we started out 7 years ago. Some things seem to go in 7 year cycles and it seems appropriate to consolidate and reflect for us this year.

We have begun building a round barn/structure- for a more solid shelter than our canvas yurts have provided- We also dug more drains and swales especially trying to sort the the camping field and track as heavy rainfall has been washing us away at times. So if you visit you will see some very messy looking areas- although the gardens are looking very tidy due to the long wait to plant things.

If you are interested in helping or getting involved in May with any part of the barn build, along with our experienced barn team, please get in touch. We will post details of any specific learning opportunities on our Facebook page.

Charity Rally

The other big news is our charity rally trip to Mongolia this summer.  It is a way for us to help out, as we learn, and seek experiences that will inform Carraig Dúlra's development over the next 7 years.  As one of Ireland's developing network of Permaculture hubs, we hope to continue reaching people in Wicklow and beyond continuing our collaborative work, developing positive new ways of adapting to our generations challenges and an ever changing world.

We are appealing directly to you our 7 year Dúlra community - (those we hope we've helped, taught, hosted or inspired) to help us with the charity aspect of this adventure journey of personal and project renewal. for details of how you can.

Gardening Course - Community Gardening/Starting your own Garden / GIY how to get involved

Where: Brockagh Resource Centre, Laragh
When: Friday mornings 10:30-1pm, for 8 weeks, starting this Friday, 10th May
Cost: €20 (€15 unemployed) -- course is funded by Co Wicklow VEC Community Education
Instructor:  Suzie Cahn from Carraig Dúlra
Contact: Brockagh Resource Centre


  • How to take care of your soil-compost and other applications
  • Container growing, growing in small spaces
  • Sowing seeds-easy crops choosing varieties
  • Planting out direct sowing
  • Herbs and their uses- bio diversity in the garden
  • Weed control- pests and diseases avoiding problems

Ongoing Workshop Series

Where: Wicklow Community Garden
When: next workshop is 11th May 11.30- 14.00 in the garden
Instructor:  Suzie Cahn from Carraig Dúlra
Contact: Amber Godwin

Third in a series for beginner growers.  All welcome!

Supported by the VEC


Mike and Suzie -