Steph -PDC 2014 Participant

I walked away from this course feeling strong, and more importantly, capable.  Suzie, Hannah and Lusi worked hard to design a PDC that challenged participants to carry the ethos of permaculture out of the classroom and into the everyday responsibilities of the course.  A clear example of this is the self-organising principle applied to food preparation and cleanup.  This can look messy, that's because it is, and it's also the best method for facilitating People Care.  Cultivating genuine skills in cooperation, leadership and community mindfulness that last far beyond the bounds of the course.

Come prepared to engage, not with pen and notes, but with hands and ideas.  If I were to attempt to name the overall theme of Carraig Dulra's PDC, which I will, it is this: perfection is the foe of all first attempts. It was very evident that Hannah, Suzie and every guest teacher had designed the practical application of Permaculture principles into every aspect of the course. 

Permaculture only comes alive when we get into the thick of it, when we care for the hen, not just talk about her.  As Carraig Dulra demonstrates, the systems are actively designed and in a constant state of refinement.  Observation does not stop upon implementation, nor does the challenge to research and learn again.  The journey, filled with tinkering, adjustments and many first, second, and third distillations, is the destination.